??<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Septic Services </TITLE> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Shawn McElroy Title V Septic inspections"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Shawn McElroy,Title V SEPTIC INSPECTIONS AND PUMPING,SEPTIC INSPECTIONS SERVING ALL OF FALMOUTH,BOURNE ,MASHPEE,SANDWICH,BARNSTABLE, ,TITLE 5,INSPECTOR,UPPER CAPE,CAPE COD,SEPTIC SYSTEM,SEPTIC REPAIR,"> <META NAME="author" CONTENT="Shawn McElroy"> <STYLE> table {border-color: silver} th {border-color: silver; color: gray; text-align: center} td {border-color: silver; color: gray; text-align: </STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY BACKGROUND="capeshipback.jpg" BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <P ALIGN=LEFT> <img src=capewelcome1.jpg> </P> <CENTER> <FONT COLOR="black" SIZE="6" FACE="Arial"><I> <BIG>Upper Cape Septic Services</BIG></I></FONT> </CENTER> <!-- begin SIDEBAR--> <ul id="sidebar"> <font color=black> <li><a href="index.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Home</a></li> <li id="buy"><a href="buy.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Buyers</a></li> <li id="sell"><a href="sell.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK> Seller</a></li> <li id="realtors"><a href="realtors.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Realtors</a></li> <li id="question"><a href="question.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Questions</a></li> <li id="contact"><a href="contact.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Contact</a></li> <!--- <li id="name"><a href="name.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>name </a></li> <li id="name"><a href="name.htm"><FONT COLOR=BLACK>name</a></li>---> </ul> <!-- end SIDEBAR--></p> <P> <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"> <TABLE BORDER="1" BACKGROUND="talshipback.jpg"> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER" WIDTH=90%"> <!--<IMG SRC=".jpg"> --> <FONT COLOR="black" SIZE="4" FACE="Arial"> <P><I>Welcome to Upper Cape Septic Services of Cape Cod.<BR> Serving all of the Upper Cape including Falmouth, Bourne,<BR> Mashpee, Sandwich and Barnstable for over 15 years.<BR> We are a full service septic company offering speedy, dependable quality workmanship<BR> for your home or investment property. We offer a wide <BR>range of services including: <BR> <P ALIGN=LEFT> <BR>Title V Septic Inspections<BR> <BR>Minor Repairs <BR> <BR>Locating your existing system<BR> . </P></I> <P> <H4>&nbsp;</H4> <TABLE BORDER="1" BACKGROUND="talshipback.jpg"> <TABLE BORDER="1" CELLPADDING="5" CELLSPACING="5" WIDTH="95%"> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER" WIDTH=90%" <TD ALIGN="CENTER" WIDTH=90%" BGCOLOR="#925590"> <FONT COLOR="White" SIZE="4" FACE="Arial"> </TR> <BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#B8860B" link="#0066CC" vlink="#CCCCCC" alink="#000000"> <tr valign="top"> <td align="LEFT"> </td> </tr> <TABLE border=0> <table bgcolor=#000000 border=1 style="border:inset;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center"> <P>For the best quality all-around septic services call Upper Cape Septic Services at 1-508-495-0905<BR> <CENTER> <P><font size="-1">? 2007-2008 Upper Cape Septic Services All Rights Reserved</P> </CENTER> </CENTER> </DIV> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>